About Me

Cognitive Life Coach

Hi, i’m elizabeth horlemann

African Germany Life Coach

I’m Elizabeth Horlemann, a Certified Cognitive Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Founder of Vision Board Lounge offering coaching sessions in both English and German. I am one of the few African Germany leading life coaches whose single aim is to help people turn around their lives, people like you, who no longer wants to waste time and money on things that do not work.

my client’s deserve a breakthrough….

..And My Mission Is To Make It Possible For Them!

My belief for achieving success for my clients is very simple – anybody who believes in themselves, deserve more and my mission is to help you get it

My coaching sessions are designed to be humourful, full of compassion and inspiration which makes it easier for you to get to where you want. For me it is important that the whole process for my clients feel effortless and fun and above all should not yet another struggle.

With my coaching concepts you have nothing to lose, except your current dissatisfied situation.

I Will Help You To Rise Strike & Shine


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