Alcoholic Father Two Sons and Three Lessons

It is not for nothing that they say, “Life is a mystery”. Here is a story about two twin boys raised by an alcoholic father and three lessons that we can all learn from their story. We all know what that might mean if you are not familiar with being raised in such an environment or you know exactly what that means if you have been raised in such an environment. Here is how the story goes: Twin boys were raised by an alcoholic father. One grew up to be an alcoholic and when asked what happened he said: “I watched my father” – The other grew up and never drank in his life. When he was asked what happened he said: “I watched my father” – Two boys, same dad, two different perspectives. An interesting set-up but in all negative there will be something positive that we can also learn from. Three important lessons that we can learn are:
Yet another shot…..
  1. We are all role models – I recently spoke to a friend about being an unaware role model. Sometimes you are inadvertently responsible for molding somebody’s character. One twin looked at the father as a role model and took up a drinking career whereas the other looked at the father’s addiction as a motivation to be better in life
  2. We have the power of choice – We can observe what is happening around us and consciously decide not to repeat those mistakes. We always hear people say when they are bringing up their children “I don’t want to bring up my child like how we were brought up”. You watched the painful journey your father took with alcohol, it should be a warning for you to never touch the bottle and make it your master.
  3. Be more conscious about how you go about life – In most cases, people that suffer from alcoholism has deep dark problems that they are too scared to face. The still or numb their demons using the chemical substances aka alcohol so that each time memories creep through the cracks they quickly grab the bottle and live for that moment as a happy person….until the numbness is over and the vicious circle starts again.
The choice is your which direction you take each time you are facing your problems or demons. Use the right road to look them directly in the eye and to find a sustainable solution or turn left and grab the bottle and solve the problem for that moment….which route will you take?

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