Are you dreading the Christmas holiday season?

This year Christmas holiday is for those people who are looking forward to it excellent.  It begins on Monday 24th Christmas Eve and stretches on to Wednesday 26th Boxing day.  If you are living in certain parts of Europe especially Germany this is when life comes to a standstill.  In Germany we say “die Bürgersteig wird hochgeklappt” ~ “the pavements will be closed” People will be surrounded by friends and family – some large some small families.  

But then there are some of us who for one reason or another cannot look forward to this wonderful period in time.  Some are going to be all alone – lonely with nobody or visit or visit them simply because they do not have family or friends here.  Some will be overcomed with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us.

And yet for some, it will be their first Christmas alone without the surrounding sounds of joy and laughter.

We all need caring, loving thoughts right now. Gather together and find out who in your area will be spending time all alone like yourself and join hands together to pull something for both of you or the group.  Loneliness sucks….loneliness can lead to depression and also loneliness can cause some people to make drastic decisions of finishing off with their lives.

Do not let it reach that stay by keeping to yourself.  If you are one of those people who have no plans and will be alone, you cannot afford to travel back home, then speak out so that others too can have the courage of teaming up and creating a wonderful Christmas celebration.

Join The Group and Experience The Sisterhood Environment

If you are an African Mummy living in Germany, join the African Mummies Deutschland Facebook Group and link yourself with other like minded Africans who are supporting, motivating and being there for each other.  This is an excellent place for you to link up with somebody and design your Christmas season totally different.

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