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Unmask Your Potential Lounge

What challenges are you going through right now? What dreams have you buried deep deep down but wish in your heart, soul and mind that ONE DAY I can make this come true? What about you, are you unhappy maybe because of a family dispute, a family quarrel that has left you constrained and divided,…
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11/01/2019 0

Just How Badly Do You Want To Succeed

To be successful you need to know that there are no substitutes for perseverance, dedication, and sometimes just plain stubbornness. People tend to think that to start a new career with that dream company in that perfect position topped with a perfect title where you are going to be provided with a fancy business card…
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31/12/2018 0

Alcoholic Father Two Sons and Three Lessons

It is not for nothing that they say, “Life is a mystery”. Here is a story about two twin boys raised by an alcoholic father and three lessons that we can all learn from their story. We all know what that might mean if you are not familiar with being raised in such an environment…
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30/12/2018 0

How To Succeed The 52 Week Challenge

Have you made a resolution to save money for something special in 2019? Kicking off on the first week of a new year, the “52-Week Money Challenge” is a great way to set the right financial tone for the next 12 months. All you need is to set a goal to deposit into a fund…
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27/12/2018 0

Stop Chasing After Him

There is nothing terrible like when relationships come to an end, for whatever reason. There are some relationships that were toxic for both partners so that it’s better that they decide to separate and go their different ways. Ladies, there is nothing terrible like running after a man that does not want you. Listen to…
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27/12/2018 0

Merry Christmas

We would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year The office will be closing noon Monday 24th December and will re-open Wednesday 2nd January 2019 Thank you for your continuing support Best Wishes for 2019

21/12/2018 0

Are you dreading the Christmas holiday season?

This year Christmas holiday is for those people who are looking forward to it excellent.  It begins on Monday 24th Christmas Eve and stretches on to Wednesday 26th Boxing day.  If you are living in certain parts of Europe especially Germany this is when life comes to a standstill.  In Germany we say “die Bürgersteig…
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15/12/2018 0

Make a difference in their lives!

Do you know someone who needs a new direction, feels stuck or needs some motivation, confidence or energy? Are you looking for an unusual thoughtful gift that will have a long-lasting benefit?  How about giving them a gift of greater fulfillment and success in 2019 with one of my coaching gift vouchers.  My Cognitive Life Coaching…
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30/03/2017 0

Mid Week Challenge

Are you one of those people that suffer from negative thoughts?  You want to start something, then suddenly a flood of a negative storm in your creative thoughts, and paints it all grey. You tell your friends, colleagues or loved ones about what you are thinking of doing, venturing in…maybe starting your own business and…
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29/03/2017 0

What is Cognitive Life Coaching

What is Cognitive Life Coaching? It sounds complicated, technical – is this something for me? My clients always ask me this question and my response is:Cognitive means we will concentration on the thoughts – whats in your mind that is holding you back. I use a blend of traditional coaching questions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques,…
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28/03/2017 0

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