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How I Ordered Myself

Have you ever asked yourself how victims of supremacy, discrimination, oppression, tribalism feel like when you are exercising your ill-treatment on them?  Have you ever wondered whether they are hurting, traumatized and depressed from your actions? Well the answer to all that is YES.  For people on the receiving end of your treatment their never…
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26/01/2018 0

What Victims of Narcissismus Go Through

A person with NPD has an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for attention and admiration, and a strong sense of entitlement.  They believe they are superior and have little regard for the feelings of others. People who are in relationship with a narcissistic partner feel exhausted, tensed and with time they…
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What is Passion and Why is It Important?

In the adjective form, passion is having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling. If you are passionate about something it keeps you alive.  It’s what keeps you up late at night and what wakes you up early in the morning.  If you are passionate about something you are pumped and highly…
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22/01/2018 0

Law of Abundance and Appreciation

How is the Law of Abundance related to Appreciation? And What does it have to do with attitude? Too many questions? – Don’t worry all these components are important and are inter-related if you want to experience sustainable success in your life. If you lack gratification, you will always find yourself living in poverty and…
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21/01/2018 0

Thoughts Belief

Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors: Are All Connected We were created in such a way that our actions will precede our thoughts.  This is because the mind merely narrates, never actuates and always takes credit. All day long, the mind claims “I did that!”. Your thought will not only influence your own life, but also…
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