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How To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

The famous Leonardo Da Vinci perceived obstacles as opportunities. He said: “Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.’ In life we will always experience obstacles.  Personally experience has taught me that when we are focusing on persuing our dreams, a new…
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11/09/2018 0

Wakanda Teachings About Love

Love and Space How many of you have had the chance to watch „The Black Panther“ movie! Wow impressive, fantastic oh well I have run out of words.  But let us look at some of the lessons that we can transfer to our lives.  Did you notice towards the end of the move King T’Challa…
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05/03/2018 0

How To Weed Out Negative People

Why Negative People Are Literally Killing You (and How to Protect Your Positivity How To Protect Your Positivity From Negative People Do you feel like negative people are literally killing you?  Are you experiencing difficulties in protecting your positivity? Well research shows that negativity is incredibly harmful and contagious.  We have all encountered individuals who…
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28/02/2018 0

Take Action Today To Change Your Life For Better

In 40 days from today we are doing closer to the Christmas season and in 46 days we will be entering 2018 a complete new year.  A new page will be turned for you to start filling in again.  Some decide to wait and do the obligatory NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS, some get to the peak…
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15/11/2017 0

4 Things Good Listeners Do

4 Things Good Listeners Do Do you consider yourself to be a good listener?  In most cases, when people appraise themselves to be excellent listener, when in actual fact their ability is somewhat below average. I remember a close friend who was going through some challenging time this summer called me and cried her heart…
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09/10/2017 0

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