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You are scared and overwhelmend by confusing thoughts about what the future holds for you in your current job or in which direction you should consider. You have no clue what you could do to change the situation. All this makes you nervous, uncertain and above all you feel stuck and frustrated!  There where I come in, with a proven, personalised step-by-step process that will make you:


Walk you step by step in discovering what are you passionate about, and how you can make it your career


Develop with you a step by step of the way-forward in achieving your desired goal by exploring the options available


Step by step on how to settle down in your newly created life by ensuring that we have a contigency plan for the “bumps ahead”

The Change My Career package is perfect for you, if you feel and……

the deep desire to change your career

a. Trapped in a job that you loath (salary, certainty, comfort)
b. Scared of the uncertainity of what the future holds without a job
c. You lack the ability to focus & discipline to change career
d. Confused, overwhelmed and scared not knowing what else you could do
This coaching package will offer you guidance on:

Which Career To Choose?

1) Exploring what’s the right career for you

Discipline & Focus

3) Strengthening your confidence, enable you to focus and discipline to keep moving no matter what

Exit Strategy

2) Offering you a sold “exit strategy” that ensures to keep you safe during the transition


4) Step by step guideline on how to start your career change process

Ready to start changing your life?

With this package, you will definitely love the journey! It includes a rich set of practical ideas, concepts, workbooks & frameworks which I know you will just love because it that will help you change your mindset & behaviors, so you can achieve… well, anything!


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