Cognitive Life Coaching

Cognitive Life Coach

Cognitive life coaching

What is cognitive life coaching?

Cognitive Life Coaching uses the combination of Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Models and Tools in addressing and assessing the areas of clients life they want to change.


Where are you and where do you want to be?

With Life Coaching using CBT Methods you will learn how to tackle self-defeating thinking and replace it with a problem-solving outlook, providing clear and helpful advice.

    Is there something missing from your life that you can’t seem to figure out?  Do you feel stuck?

    People who feel stuck, whether in their job, relationship, home, business ventures, etc.; will be encouraged through Cognitive Life Coaching (CLC), to work towards getting “transformed.” I have faced my own share of adversity, and many a time I was forced to make terrifying life-changing decisions. Through those difficult times, I realized very quickly how powerful clarity and perspective could be when your primary goal is to align your life with your soul. CLC will help you dig deep, discover yourself, and determine ways to overcome the fears and negativity that are standing in the way of the life they want.


    Dealing with troublesome emotions

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    Overcoming procrastination

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    Time Management

    Tackling poor time management

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    Start your journey with the Cognitive Coach today

    Cognitive Life Coaching is an exception because coaching is an investment in your most precious resource, you.

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