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Cross-Cultural Trainer

Elizabeth Horlemann offers innovative models for cross-cultural training – models that are especially suited for mastering culture in a complex and global organizational environment.

Her training process begins with a thorough needs assessment process, which is aimed at gaining an insight into the needs of prospective participants or clients, as well as the objectives of the institution, business unit, or company as a whole.

Her training aim to educate you and/or staff about sources and underlying factors cultural attitudes and values. You learn to look beyond the behaviors, appearance and communication style. She can help you understand what is important to the people with whom you are interacting. You may not realize that not everyone is focused on the ‘bottom-line’ or you may think that everyone follows the same set of ethical rules, but people’s values and attitudes are not universal. You only see their behaviors but we will provide you with the insight to understand what is under the surface and thereby assist you in developing working relationships that can get the job done.

Whether you will be:

  • doing business with people in your own organization but from other countries
  • interacting with individuals from other countries
  • helping to integrate people from other cultures into your organization
  • conducting business with companies from other countries
  • negotiating across cultures
  • recruiting individuals from other cultures

you need to understand the culture and they too need to understand you. My training will help you maximize your effectiveness.


The training programs are customized to a client’s specific needs. The training sessions are usually interactive because most individual retain more information when they are actively learning. Training programs can be delivered onsite or at an organised mutually agreed venue. Below is a sample of training topics:

    • Adjusting to a New Culture
    • Leveraging Cultural Competence
    • Understanding Cultural Differences
    • Working with Another Culture
    • Working on an International Team
    • Working with a New Boss who is from a Different Country
    • Eliminating the Unknown – Getting Down to Business
    • Effectively Communicating in English
    • Creating and Giving Presentations – Taking Cultural Differences into Account
    • Working effectively in Africa and with African clients and employees

Specific programs can be  designed and customized to meet your unique needs. Contact me and let me help you increase the cross-cultural competence of you and your team.


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