How I Ordered Myself

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How I Ordered Myself

26/01/2018 Life Coaching 0

Have you ever asked yourself how victims of supremacy, discrimination, oppression, tribalism feel like when you are exercising your ill-treatment on them?  Have you ever wondered whether they are hurting, traumatized and depressed from your actions?

Well the answer to all that is YES.  For people on the receiving end of your treatment their never ending question is that they wonder whether you are aware that those things that you are throwing on their heads were totally out of their control.  They did not have choices and it was not a matter of choice for them to decide on what colour, race, tribe and looks that they would have once they came out of mum’s “house” into the world.

They do not understand why you are so upset with them for being who they are.  They do not understand what you want them to do?  Above all they do not understand why you are making your problem their problem…

Most children wonder why they were born according to you “wrong tribe” “wrong colour” “wrong ethnic group”.  Yet they do not understand how YOU did it.  Where did you do your shopping for YOU.

Here is the text to the audio:

I order and got MYSELF

Want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are in a big huge supermarket.  Ah yes, this supermarket also offers online services.  Wait this is NOT our normal supermarket with all those fancy foods, clothes etc. NO this special supermarket makes it possible for you to order yourself as you are in your mother’s womb before you are BORN

Well today is the day! You are scheduled to be born but before that you MUST go to the supermarket to get all what you need that will define and you will be defined with.  Legs, arms, color, shape, eyes ears just everything…You are allocated your talers which you need to use economically because you need some start capital when you leave mum’s „house“.

You walk in this beautiful supermarket, take your shopping trolley and start going row for row.  WAIT…at the enterance it says you need to start in row 1

Row 1:

Country.  You need to choose your citizenship first before you can proceed.  In mum’s „house“ you watch movies, documentary programs and these only show the best of anything.  Hmmm America the films showed it was the land of the unlimited.  You could be anything you want as long as luck and hard work was on your side hmmmm you look around, Europe, Asia and when you reach Africa your heart is racing.  It’s love at first site. WOW exactly what I saw when I was in mum’s „house“.  Beautiful landscape, wild animals and people the beautiful intensive colours and you know at once the African continent it will be.

You are then taken to the next row Africa has now 54 countries, you choose Kenya and then sent to the next row.  Kenya has more than 45 tribes and you need to choose one.  Each have branded themselves well.  Skin colour, body looks, health, wealth, locations everything.  Every tribe has come out with their best clothes and what you notice there is so much love, understanding and support for each other.  So you think, mum always ate this fish and at that instant moment you see Lake Victoria and you see perfect that’s my tribe.

Next row you you need to pick your limbs and suddenly you remember that you need to economical in your purchases so you start to look for sales.  Oh look buy 2 get 1 free.  Hmmm the legs look OK I’m sure they will serve their purpose and because you purchase you you get 1 free – a hand which seem to be in perfect condition.  You need a second hand so you invest.

Very soon you almost reach the last row and you hear the announcement that the supermarket is about to close you need to get to the cashier to pay.  Quickly you pick this and that item, so you read to know more about the product but others you just drop in the shopping bag….at the counter you pay and loooooop you are out of mum’s house born as a Luo coming from Siaya simply because your parents come from there.

Strange things are so different from the branding films I use to watch in mum’s „house“.  What happened to that togetherness, the love and support.

This is sad truth that victims of discrimination, supremacy, tribalism etc goes through.




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