Just How Badly Do You Want To Succeed

To be successful you need to know that there are no substitutes for perseverance, dedication, and sometimes just plain stubbornness. People tend to think that to start a new career with that dream company in that perfect position topped with a perfect title where you are going to be provided with a fancy business card will come with a twinkle of an eye.  In m You can count yourself lucky if you find your perfect job, in a perfect company, with perfect salary because in most cases it will require that you put in more effort, have a plan in place and above all determination.  You will experience a lot of setbacks that will require that you try over and over again before you achieve your goal.
There are 2 things we must do if we are ever going to achieve the success of any kind.
  1. You have to think, smell and taste success.  You must make a conscious decision that you deserve to be successful.  Draw people around you that will support your vision and mission
  2. To be successful you must move from the dream modus to the work for it modus.  Determine the level of success that you are willing and prepared to work for.
You have to be aware that there is a difference between the success that you want and the desire to succeed.  Once you realize this difference, you will be in a better position to start focusing on HOW portion of your success.

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