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Certified Kintsugi Life Coach

In ancient Japan, when pottery was broken it wasn’t thrown away. Using a method known as Kintsugi, then bonded together the pieces with precious gold adding beauty in place of a flaw. Sometimes our lives may feel like this, broken and irreparable, but with the Kintsugi Life Coaching method there is hope.

Anyone can have challenges in life, whether it be in violent relationships, depression, or a litany of other things that can cause a lack of self-confidence. Our lives can even feel so full of darkness making us to give up. It only takes a free one hour consultant to begin a journey toward the positive which which can be achieved using Kintsugi Life Coaching.

Kintsugi Coaching provides you with a direct, lived experience of the reality you have created in order to empower you to shift your current paradigm to make way for what is desired.

Kintsugi Life Coaching is about the possibility for:

  • Making what feels impossible, possible
  • Moving your life from Ok to great
  • Becoming aligned with your life purpose
  • Changing unworthy or undeserving to deserving
  • Releasing fear and expanding your life, business or relationship
  • Creating partnerships that are comfortable and fulfilling
  • Turning “trapped” into choice

Kintsugi Life Coaching offers a way for you to take your broken, old stories, beliefs and habits, that you may or may not be aware of, that keep you feeling overwhelmed, frightened, powerless and stuck. Ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery takes the broken pieces and using glue and gold dust to rejoin them together.  The same way, we will use “glue and gold” as a healing process so that you can shift in a more easeful way than perhaps you may have tried before. With Kintsugi Life coaching, you and your coach can discover root causes of these stuck points in the present moment creating the ability to move forward.

Elizabeth offers in person sessions in her beautiful home office in a small town near the Netherlands border – Kempen / St Hubert.

Skype™, phone or in office sessions – Flexibility is important!

 Let’s together, create the highest version of yourself. Contact me now….


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