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Elizabeth’s motto:  Engage….  Empower….. and Inspire!

Elizabeth Horlemann was born as a normal child and with three years of age she contracted the polio virus which left her with walking disabilities.  Her childhood life in Kenya was one filled with turmoils of emotions from withdrawals from parental love, discrimination and the powerful desire to turn her life into positive, saw her relocate from Kenya to Germany in search for love and of course greener opportunities. The desire to make things different, curved her to create a positive attitude that has accompanied her to a successful 20+ years marriage and a career as founder of Kintsugi Life Coaching and as a licenced and certified Diversity and Communication Management Trainer

In Germany Elizabeth’s life, she was faced many struggles from acceptance (as a person with African origins) to daily activities that many take for granted. Elizabeth remains positive throughout these obstacles, and believes that she has the secret to enjoying life to its fullest. Elizabeth delivers keynote speeches on choosing to be happy and people can have a happy life experiences.

Elizabeth graduated Diploma in Business Administration in Nairobi – Kenya.  She has motivated thousands through keynotes on happiness, the value of life, and how to overcome all odds and achieve your dreams. Elizabeth is a one of a kind wheelchair keynote speaker, and he will excite and entertain attendees at your event by using her excellent story-telling ability to tell about her upbringing. Through many stories, you will get to know Elizabeth and her ability to live life to its fullest. Then, after you get to know her, Elizabeth will tell you her secret to being happy.

Having Elizabeth at your event will guarantee that your audience will be inspired and uplifted when they leave. Elizabeth’s goal in speaking is to help participants to understand that happiness is a choice, and that living a happy life is the only way to live!

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