Motivational Speaker

Cognitive Life Coach


Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth’s motto: Engage…. Empower….. and Inspire!

with 3 years old, life’s challenges began

Disability is not Inability

She has motivated thousands through keynotes on happiness, the value of life, and how to overcome all odds and achieve your dreams. Elizabeth is a one of a kind wheelchair keynote speaker, and she will excite and entertain attendees at your event by using her excellent story-telling ability to tell about her upbringing. Through many stories, you will get to know Elizabeth and her ability to live life to its fullest. Then, after you get to know her.  Elizabeth will tell you her secret to being happy.

Motivational Speaker with a unique story

Elizabeth’s motto: Engage…. Empower….. and Inspire!  one step beyond your limit

Elizabeth is a highly acclaimed motivational keynote speaker and coach available for clients, companies and community clients. She draws on her incredible life story which keeps her audience spell-bound as she takes them on a journey of discovery.



Elizabeth knows exactly what it takes to overcome adversity and supposed limitations.  learn more


Cultural differences run deeper than language.  As a licenced diversity and management trainer  learn more


Elizabeth is available as keynote speaker for both English and German events.  learn more


Make a booking inquiry and I will call or email you back  learn more
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