Stop Chasing After Him

There is nothing terrible like when relationships come to an end, for whatever reason. There are some relationships that were toxic for both partners so that it’s better that they decide to separate and go their different ways.

Ladies, there is nothing terrible like running after a man that does not want you. Listen to me. Men are hunters. They want to use their hunting instincts to hunt down the woman of their love. What some of us women do is unimaginable. You clear the bush, pave the way, remove all sorts of danger simply because you believe this way the man will get to you easier. You do not realize that all these activities you are doing, are making them feel less and less a man. They want to fight for their queen in order to crown themselves as kings.

Personally, I always advise ladies that you too need to show your partner that you have your pride and you are not easy to get. Ladies listen to me…You want to feel the joy of how much length and breath he went to get you. He did not just pick you up as a piece of stone lying on the ground somewhere.

Now one last thing ladies….if he has walked out of you, then start looking forward no matter how painful it is. Running after him, trying to make him see what he will miss if he stays away from you is just is postponing what will eventually happen in the immediate future. Listen to me ladies…the longer you are investing your energy of this nitwit, the longer you are not open for the next wonderful relationship waiting for you round the corner.

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