Verein Registration

How To Register Run and Find Funds For Your Verein

It has always been your long-time dream to help others and you have now come to the decision to turn your dream of a volunteer into starting a charity organization to help you source funding.  Funding is one of the core pillars of being in a better position to help those people that need your help and support dearly.  German as a nation gives very high regards to people who work as volunteers and founders of organizations.  This is actually also integrated into our constitution which clearly shows just how important charity work is in the country.  People get recognition for their hard work as volunteers in making a difference in their communities.  However, the same constitution requires that you work on all the legal requirements in order to register, run and seek funding for your organization.

From my previous experience as a founder and chairlady for an organization that had an annual income of €250.000 per year, I am able to give you advise, mentorship and support to enable you to jump-start your organization. At my workshop, you will have an opportunity to have a hands-on experience in what it will require to jump-start.  In addition, you will get information on the following:

1. Requirements needed for you to start one
2. Satzung
3. The Vereins law – who will register for me a lawyer or notary public
4. Where to get funding from mainstream and other organizations
5. How to apply
6. How to co-operate with other institutions Zweck getting funds
7. Marketing and Branding
8. How to get e.V. and Finanzamt
9. Conflict areas and how to get supervision
10. Can I make money for me personally as vereinsgründer

Most important, at the event you will meet other founders and volunteers and have an opportunity to network, share and learn from each other.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a “Vereins Start-Kit” which comprises of documents which you MUST have in order to be informed about the legal and administrative aspect of runnVereinverein, and also samples of documents that you will be in a position to customize to suit your needs.


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