Vision Board Lounge

Cognitive Life Coach

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do

Vision board is a manifestion tool that help you visualize your ideas, dreams and ambitions on a board and to be used as a constant reminder to focus on achieving them. The inspirational collages serve as your image of the future – a tangible example, idea or representation of where you want to go or be. The Vision Board Lounge Workshop is designed to enable you to: 

Design The Vision Board

To avoid poor results, you will receive guidance on how to prepare your board, brainstorm your goals and what you wish to achieve.

Define The Board

In order to be able to visual on your board, you need to define what is it that you desire to achieve, change or improve in your life.

Activate Your Board

Vision boards must be activated in order to make them effective and for you to experience the success that you are aiming for

The Vision Board Lounge Workshops always have different topics 

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