Why The Name Kintsugi?

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KIN golden TSUGI joinery

Kintsugi means joining the pieces together with gold.  In ancient Japan, when pottery was broken it wasn’t thrown away.

The broken pottery would be carefully picked up, reassembled and then bonded together using lacquer and precious golden dust.  There should be no attempt to disguise the damage, but instead highlight it’s new beautiful and defined form.

In the ancient Muromachi period of the Japanese history running from approximately 1336 to 1573 when the shōgun of Japan Ashikaga Yoshiakira 1358 – 1408 broken is favorite Chinese tea-set up.  He returned it back to the manufacturer with the request that they put it back together.  They returned it back stapled together, looking very ugly.  Yoshiakira was very disappointed and asked his craftsman for a better solution.

What they came up with was not to disguise the broken pieces, but made something totally beautiful.  Using lacquer mixed with gold dust it was joined together, its folkline look and golden veins highlighted the beautiful of the “new” pottery.

Kintsugi Life Coaching draws it’s concept from this ancient method of repairing broken pottery.  It focuses one’s intention on life’s hidden beauty and power and just like the ancient art form it’s about the power of transforming broken ceramic pottery into beautifully resurrected masterpieces.

With Kintsugi Life Coaching the first step is to set aside the self-defeating mindset, those cognitive behaviours which we have constructed about how impossible it is for us to recover from our devastations, betrayals and losses.

Kintsugi Life Coaching is about transformational process that focuses on what is possible rather than on what is impossible.

I will walk with you from picking up the pieces, reassembling them together and using lacquer and gold we go through the healing process in order to transform to a more beautiful, confident and defined person.

Are you experiencing any challenges, you have been through some transitional period or you just want to redefine yourself?  Then let me be your life coach and get you started on the best journey of your life!  Email Me: transform@horlemann-elizabeth.com Tel: +49.176.2456.4972

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