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Death does not come with an instruction manual

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Sharing the pains and turmoils of understanding the loss of a loved one

The love of my life died on 9th April, 2021. I remember coming back from the hospital and my sister (actually sister-in-law) saying with storming tears in her eyes....Gosh we have really aged. The only thought in my mind was that death changes everything. It literally does.

One strange thing that I noticed is the silence. We have two clocks in the house and I had a feeling that they kept on communicating with each other. Tick and the other responded tock. Strange that I never heard them when he was alive.

What occurred to me is that I had no idea what to do. I still have no idea what to do.

Today 10th January, 2022 our brand new bed that we bought and slept on for just over two months has been collected by the logistic company to be delivered to a friend. You see I could not sleep on it, not without him. So 9 months after his death that is the only thing I have managed to drastically do.

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This online course offers you a guided pathways that support you to integrate, reconcile with, and/or even acknowledge the pain, hurt, disappointment, loss, envy, fear, failures, betrayal, and anger you’ve known.

  • “Grieve Go” or “Grieve Grow” Eventually you will reach a point in your life that moving forward is the only option.

  • Using CBT Techniques, Grief and Healing Coaching Sessions are designed to help you solve the issues that cause you pain and grief. it is not a ‘problem solving’ space.

  • You are not sure about the shadow work for overcoming grief and you want to know more. No problem, book a 1 hour free session

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