Elizabeth Horlemann — Trainer & Coach who wears many hats

"You Cannot and Will Never Change What You Do Not Know" ~ Elizabeth Horlemann

What Makes My Heart Race?


I value and believe in personal growth.  Personal growth is never STAGNANT! 

There are so many reasons to why it is important for me to challenge myself. First of all, this is where I discover what things I capable of doing and sometimes was afraid to believe or venture in. This is a big one I found out about myself.

I must acknowledge that I have so many skills that I can share with other people out there that are struggling to find their worth.

Challenging myself, has enabled me to reach new goals and also encouraged me to ray focus so that I get always get the excellent results that I strive to get.  

My Clients Transformations

My ability to help my clients transform their lives, fulfill their dreams or just move from point A to B is the reward that I gain and that gives me a sense of worth and purpose.

The interacting with others that help boost productivity, improve their relationships, and increase their general quality of life is one way that I derive my reward. 

Learning is infinitive

I strongly believe that learning is infinitive and that we should always endeavour to learn something new in our lives.  I am constantly taking up new challenges of learning something new at a regular basis.  I believe this way I am in a better position to not only mirror match the chances and developments around be, but also offer only the best services for my clients.

My Qualifications and Skills

I am a Licenced and Certified CBT Life Coach & Mentor from the Universtory of Glasgow and Institute of Counselling.

In addition I am a Train the Trainer, Trainer for:

Critical Race Theory

Cross Cultural Trainer

Country Analysis Expert

Life Experiences

I am consciously aware of my position as a Black women who moved from walking with a crutch and caliber to sitting in a wheelchair and working in White dominated spaces, dealing with uncomfortable topics and at the same time being the same person that uses her passion and experiences to help people transform themselves.  For many White people this might be too many hats being through around, but if you are wearing my shoes, you will find that these life experiences have defined me to become the person I am today.

I had a lot of support from very many people who also believed in me along this journey in the valley of ups and downs.