Hi, I’m Elizabeth

A leading Cognitive Life Coach, Trainer, and Motivational Speaker.  Yes, I know my stuff! And throughout my coaching time, you will develop the tools and confidence to take action. My way of coaching is to empower you in becoming the Leader, the successful person in life and career that you want to be. You are unique and so your coaching should be too. I don’t follow a template, or ‘one size fits all’. We start where you are & we work towards your goals. If you want a business that generates your income, or you want to bring changes in your life, while also positively contributing to others, then you have arrived at the right place!

Whether you have an existing business, something that you are passionate about or you have an idea that you want to bring to life, there is a way to create a positive triple-bottom-line company: profit-people-planet all winning. No longer are these areas mutually exclusive, you can have it all and do good at the same time!

Looking for real change in your life? Want to build a better future?
Your journey begins here!

Are you ready to…

  • Step out of your comfort zone, boost your confidence so that you can take on new challenges while feeling really good about yourself?
  • You have a strong desire to see the change in your life, but you have no idea where to start to make it happen?
  • You are looking at getting a clear path towards having the life you always dreamt of with your career, relationships, and health and you need help to achieve this
  • Are you asking yourself how can you create balanced relationships that honor both parties needs with your friends, family, partner, colleagues, and most of all yourself?
  • Are you ready to create work-life balance by designing your career and life in a way that works for you?
  • Do you want to overcome fear and anxiety so you can start living the life that you want?


Professional Bio

Elizabeth Horlemann is recognized as a certified professional cognitive coach and mentor and a leading motivational speaker and trainer in St. Hubert Germany, helping people across the world to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Elizabeth combines her former careers in administration, counseling, and being a motivational speaker and trainer she works to help her clients maximize their futures by focusing on their strengths and talents.  She knows the ins and outs of both running a successful business and helping people achieve their potential – one of her greatest passions. Elizabeth lives to inspire others to dream big and create the life and career they really want.