Hi, I’m Elizabeth…

……a Cognitive Life Coach, Trainer and Motivational Speaker who is  is passionate about creating healing spaces and supporting individuals and communities in being powerful and authentic.

Initially she studied Business Management, and worked in several administratives positions both in Kenya and Germany.  In her spare time she worked as a volunteer helping to support HIV/AIDS infected African people and their families living in NRW, Germany.  This work was more rewarding and from here is where she decided to transform her career to become a cross cultural trainer specializing in training doctors and medical personal who were treating migrants.  It is during this period that she moved from administrative work to training and inspiring people.

She studies Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at the IoC and University of Glasgow and obtained her training licence at IKUD in Göttingen Germany.  Currently is offering both training and coaching services on a 1 on 1 basis, to groups and this online via Zoom and offline in different locations in Germany.

With time she founded the Ubuntu Healing and Talking Stick Circles.  The healing and talking circles offer a natural and deep personal process that encompasses the entire spectrum of our lives – physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual.

The Ubuntu Talking Stick is where I invite people to go deep, to tap into their most soulful desires and to create a life that reflects their more passionate and powerful selves.

Ubuntu Talking Stick stands at the gap between what our soul calls us to be and what are circumstances have allowed us to become up to this point.

An important part oft he Ubuntu Talking Stick is the process of learning to engage in „full spectrum feeling“ without avoiding or stuffing feelings which scare us or others.

Ubuntu Talking Stick is espically valuable during the times of powerful transition and requires that you have someone supporting you on your journey.

After years of training and recently adding the coaching arm to my career, I have constantly come across our African people who are not able to take up my coaching services especially because they are suffering from emotional pains which have never been addressed and „treated“ so that they are able to live and move on.  I develop one coaching method after another and each time I found myself at a cross road because it was again not suitable and that is when I decided to drop everything first and research as to why all the coaching methods that I created can never be used by my people.

Initially, I thought that this meant that I needed to find a new profession but what it really meant was that I was being called to transform how I viewed people who came to me for help. My job was not to fix anyone but to co-create safe enough space for my clients to allow new and more desirable aspects of themselves to emerge.

Ubuntu Healing Circles is where I invite people to go deep, to tap into their most soulful desires and to create a life that reflects their more passionate and powerful selves.

Ubuntu Healing Circles understands that powerful emotional change can emerge  as easily from laughter and dreaming as it can from grieving and raging.

If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud. ~ Emile Zola