Amazing Things Can Happen

How many times have you heard or listened to your mind? How many times have you tried to challenge it and had the feeling that you were being disloyal to your own mind?

While we have all heard that our thoughts are things, I am not sure that we have a true understanding of what that really means. 

The mind is one of the strongest and most useful tools you possess. This power consists of your thoughts. When you add focus and feelings, thoughts become powerful.

Here are three powerful tips that you can use to help you use your mind positively:

  1. Don’t believe everything your mind tells you. Always challenge your mind to see if the thoughts that you are having are true. Ask yourself the question what would happen if you decided to disobey your mind and actually ventured into what you have been dreaming of doing. Stepping out of your comfort zone for example. What would happen if you decided to leave the box and to read the instructions on how to “survive” out of the box. Good things happen once you brave the challenge of the mind successfully.
  2. You must get rid of toxic thoughts. You need to internalized positive thoughts because positive thoughts inspire and awaken our greater potential. Positive thoughts can only be planted with intention.
  3. Maintain a journal. Jot down those negative thoughts that keep you pre-occupied and on one side of the journal write down the positive thoughts to replace the negative one. This one you are keeping your brain practising to learn to get comfortable with positive thinking and to detour the negativity surrounding you.

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