The World Health Organisation calls stress the health epidemic of the 21st century.  Work stress is the leading cause of sick leaves and when left unattended can develop into long term psychological and physical illnesses.  Unattended stress can also lead to suicide.

Left unattended, stress often amplifies itself all day long.  A thought or experience sets us off, and that affects our body and our mood.  How our body feels and our emotional state affect how we think, thoughts lead to more thoughts, on and on.

Managing stress is all about taking charge of your:

  • thoughts
  • emotions, your schedule
  • environment, and the way you deal with problems.

People can learn to manage stress and lead happier healthier lives. Effectively Prevent and Reduce Stress with Mind Little Tricks.

Mind Little Tricks is a CBT-based stress management program. It has proven effective on all components of stress and burnout, using tailor-made cognitive therapy as well as emotional and behavioral management techniques.

Mind Little Tricks is a 3 Month coaching package is designed to help:

  • Working Mums trying to find the balance between work, home, and personal life.
  • Professional People feeling overwhelmed and working in catch-up modus all the time.
  • People who want to know how to be empowered by stress rather than debilitated by it.
  • Professionals who are feeling ‘burnt out’, or at a loss as to how to change their working environment.
  • People who feel that their stress is causing them to be tired and irritable all the time
  • People who have realized that their stress is impacting on family, work or their personal life.
  • People who find themselves feeling guilty or shamed around their stress or associated anger.
  • People who suffer from a lack of energy or is feeling physical tension as a result of their stress.
  • Anyone who wants strategies to deal with ‘stress break-outs if they appear in their life
  • Parents worried about the stress that busy student life is causing their children.

The 3 Month MLT coaching will enable you to learn how to control your stress by becoming more aware of the situations, events and the people that set off your stress response.

Coaching and Not Counselling…

MLT Coaching is NOT counseling, psychiatry or psychoanalysis and is ONLY suitable for clients who want to prevent developing BURNOUT by understanding and learning how to reduce stress in their lives.

With MLT you will learn how to:

  • Shut off a busy mind.
  • Learn to implement any number of stress-reducing tools that can be implemented at home, or your working life to reduce fatigue and irritability
  • Be able to identify what triggers stress and how to cope with it.
  • Create much calmer environments by learning how to control your mental and physical reactions
  • Feel a little more in control of your emotions in each moment so that you can improve your health and relationships
  • Regain your confidence and inner strength
  • Bring back the joy in your life.

Do You Want to Become Stress Resilient?

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I work face to face in Kempen St. Hubert and over Zoom (video-chat – this is the most popular option), and over the phone.

Package pricing is as follows:

9 x 1-hour session           €680

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