CBT Life Coaching

CBT Life coaching is designed to help you talk about anything you want to talk about and that makes you feel comfortable. Sessions focus primarily on the past, present and future. The past is important because it helps you understand which are those internalized negative barriers that are obstacles that are not enabling you to achieve your goals.

Using CBT Life Coaching we will work on understanding those barriers and to you to find solutions.

Kintsugi Life Coaching

Irrespective of whether you are dealing with a loss, divorce, illness, or are from a domestic violent relations, my Kintsugi Life Coaching will transform you, make you unique, stronger and beautiful.

You feel that things are falling apart within and around you?  You have no idea where to begin.  You are coming from a somewhat dark space, lost your job, got yourself out of a domestic violent relationship, loss of a loved one, the list is actually long.

“Kintsugi Life Coaching is finding strength in imperfection”

Ikigai Work Life Balance

IKIGAI Work Life Balance Coaching is especially designed to help you achieve results and your goals, by guiding you to your breakthrough moments both personally, and professionally.

Ikigai or “reason for being” according to the Japanese, is a sense of meaningful direction or purpose in life, that lies at the intersection of 4 areas of your life: what you LOVE, what you are GOOD AT, what you can be PAID FOR, and what the world NEEDS.

How much will it cost me?

You decide! CBT Life Coaching, KINTSUGI Life Coaching or IKIGAI Work Life Balance are completely flexible programs that will vary in length and cost, depending on what you want to work on, how frequently you want to meet, your commitment level to your goals. What we can assure you is that in most cases you will be experiencing change after ONLY four sessions (about a month) already see results and distinct difference.

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