Cognitive life coaching meets you where you are and will accompany you to where you want to be.  It focuses on empowering you to create the life that you want and determine who you are and who you want to be. It does not matter what is your story, your past because what the coaching sessions will do is to enable you to create a new one – starting now.

My coaching program is 100% customized to meet your individual goals, and generally, we will meet biweekly or weekly for a period of 3-6 months. Sessions are available in person for local clients and over zoom or skype for those that outside of St Hubert and it’s environs. My cognitive coaching process seeks to help you clarify what you want and determine the actions you need to take so you can finally get there – with a lot of personal growth, collaboration, and celebration along the way.

  1. In order for you to get an idea of what is coaching. we will start with a complimentary consultation call where I will gather as much information from you regarding your goals and challenges. This will enable me to put together a customized plan just for you to reach your goals. In this 1 hour free consultation you will have a chance to decide if coaching is the best step for you to take in order to achieve your personal development growth.
  2. Once you have made a clear decision to move forward and you want me to accompany you in your transformational journey, we will get you clear on WHY you want what you want in your life, career, relationship, health through targeted and personalized questions.  These questions are not to intimidate you, on the contrary, these questions will help you in diving deeper in your chain of thoughts.  Knowing your WHY is a critical first step to getting exactly what you want in life and I will be there for you all the way when it comes to figuring it out.
  3. Our next step has two alternative offers for clients who live in and within St. Hubert environs or are taking up the online coaching.  If you are living in and around St. Hubert Germany then we will meet together with other clients for a 1-day vision board workshop where you will create a board using images to show your strength, resources, and unique skills that you possess and that we can use to get you to your dreams.  For my online clients, we will paint imaginary full pictures of where you are now and exactly like the 1 on 1 client, we will review your strengths, resources and unique skills that you have that can be used to get you to your dreams.
  4. This phase we will use to identify the invisible obstacles (fear, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and emotions, etc)  blocking your way to success and using appropriate tools you will learn how to overcome these challenges.
  5. In order to succeed, we need to have an action plan.  Together we will create your personalized action plan to get you exactly what you want in your life. What are your dreaming of achieving, a business, or balancing your life, improving your relationship, overcoming loneliness? Irrespective of what you want to achieve, we’ll get a plan in place to get you there.
  6. Working together with me will give you the confidence and assurance that you need in order to remain determined and focused.  With the specially designed action plan, you will be addressing any obstacles that may arise with adjustment to your plan and troubleshooters as and when they appear.
  7. I am known to be the expert who lays emphasis on enjoying and having fun in experiencing change. I motivate my clients and encourage them to celebrate each and every process made no matter how small or big. Celebration discharges happiness hormones in our system so why not make use of that.

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