How Can a Coach Help You To Become Successful in Life

Mind Life Coaching helps you to give direction to your life and future. It is not always clear how you can shape and live your life. Coaching means working together on your most important question, the solution to your problem, looking for your identity, finding your strength and personal mission.

What will coaching bring me?

  • Your own direction in your life and future;
  • Personal growth and vitality;
  • New insights by reflection on own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behavior;
  • More understanding, respect, acceptance, and value for yourself and your surroundings;
  • Better relationships with people around you.

Often people seek my help for the following reasons:

  • ‘ I have so much, why am I not really happy? ‘,
  • ‘ I find myself stuck but can’t see a way out?‘,
  • ‘I have a great plan but can’t see how I can achieve this alone’. 
  • „I would like to know how to gain a growth mindset

Whether you have a specific question or a vague feeling; I will help you get there where you want to go. Coaching basically means that you join us working together on your main question, finding the solution to your problem, looking for your identity, strength and personal mission.

What does coaching entail?

Where do you stand now: what is your main question, what do you want to keep, what to change? Who are you, where you want to go?  What is your life purpose?

How to get there: knowledge, skills, and attributes: what do you have already, what should you develop, what do you need to improve on so that you are able to make intermediate steps?

When it comes to getting the best out of life – whether in your own life or from your team, there is no doubt that good coaching can play a pivotal role. Getting it right is about learning how to motivate yourself and others in a way that works. It means listening to yourself and others rather than just speaking at them. The good coach knows that they may not have all the answers.  ~ Steve Gold, Coaching & Leadership 

I tried doing something and I failed miserably?  How can I learn from the past so that I can let go? How do you stay in the here and now while you work on your future? What will make you be happy?

Coaching draws lessons from the past, is based on the present and focused on the future. Coaching is about something important. It is about you. Coaching does not mean that you surrender your independence or that you cannot make it alone. Coaching believes that you are an expectation, but you are most likely finding it difficult to leave your comfort zone, you are finding it difficult to solve things in life alone.

You see with a profession and dedicated coach that suits you best you are able to achieve your desired results, with consistency and sustainability. Visit my website to learn more about Mind Life Coaching and please free to contact me.

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  1. Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

    Elizabeth, what resonated with me most in this article was, “Coaching draws lessons from the past, is based on the present and focused on the future.” thanks for sharing your wisdom with us on Women of Facebook Create. Sharing.

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