Three years has been a long time where we have moved from ground zero to 360° of success, happiness, and pain.  We were a close-knit family. We are still sticking and respecting our rules which are making us grow stronger and stronger each day.  In one of our bonding sessions, we all had the same reaction to a card that challenged us about our feelings of going on a holiday venture as a family.

The card wanted to know where we would like to be and what we would be doing whilst there.  We all dreamt of being at the seaside…digging our feet deep down in the sand. I told the children that I have never had sand on my feet because of my disability. They all look at me emotionally and I knew deep down, this is a done decision. Our next holiday will be at the seaside and it will include me getting in the water and experiencing the sand on my feet.

My son came home one even with a bunch of research materials which he and the sister were busy working on. Typically because of my busy schedule and extensive traveling, I totally forgot about the family holiday. They had ordered for pizza so I did not need to cook and as we waited for the delivery they went through a holiday program that included everything…which meant I was going on holiday and it was a decided matter. As usual, these little “monsters” had their way with me and I agreed rescheduled all my training contracts and two months later we were heading to Seychelles my dream island.

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