Our Trauma

It was a dull day, it reminded me of something but I could not just put a finger on it.  I quickly brushed that aside and pulled my thoughts to now because we were in the waiting room of our therapist.

We had a family meeting and the decision was that we go to a female therapist. It was a democratic decision and I was very happy to follow. It is really so good seeing how the children are developing.  My son has been excited the past few days…the 1st traces of his beard can be seen…very lightly but for him, it looks like a huge bush.  My little girl and I went shopping the other day for bras…I’m in tears seeing them grow and develop so beautifully.

The therapist called us to go to her office and I quickly remember what the dull weather reminded me of. I remember that exactly this day some two years ago I dared make the decision of living my violent husband and here we are again revisiting that period again.

Our therapist was a friendly motherly person whom we immediately felt comfortable with. My son started to talk of course telling and reassuring her that he is taking good care of what he nowadays say “the girls” (I’m bursting with pride inside me) and that at times he felt empty and pain but did not understand because he was the happiest person in the world.  The therapist listened without interrupting him and then asked him quietly, politely and also with great respect if she can listen to “the girls”. He agreed and immediately gave the word to her sister who in turned explained her emotional turmoils and handed over to me.

The session with the therapist was one of the best things that we did in our life.  She was able to breakdown our traumas into images that we could relate to and also had tools that we were able to use to help us overcome.  One of the things that we still do ever after we completed our therapy sessions is the meditation and bonding sessions.  The bonding sessions have become rituals in our life.  We use different bonding cards, asking skin deep questions that we honestly answer or opt to drink a glass of some terrible tasting drink. It’s really fun

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