Connecting with Grief

This online course offers you a guided pathways that support you to integrate, reconcile with, and/or even acknowledge the pain, hurt, disappointment, loss, envy, fear, failures, betrayal, and anger you’ve known.

What is Shadow Work?

Show Work especially when dealing with grief is trying to metabolize the path to heal unprocessed pains and traumas.

To find the path to unprocessed pain, we must first begin by feeling safe. Begin by being in your body, understanding how to hold yourself through pain, to work with your pain, to nourish yourself, and be good parents to your own body physically, emotionally, and energetically. If you do not feel safe, you cannot relax enough to feel your deeper self.

Grieve Go or Grieve Grow?

“Grieve Go” or “Grieve Grow”
Eventually you will reach a point in your life that moving forward is the only option. The path of treasuring memories of loved ones and storeing them in their hearts and minds. Whereas grieve grow is a specific experience with death has touched their lives in an extraordinary way. The person who died has become connected to their souls spiritually.

CBT Life Coaching Sessions for Grief & Healing

Using CBT Techniques, Grief and Healing Coaching Sessions are designed to help you solve the issues that cause you pain and grief. it is not a ‘problem solving’ space. The coaching sessions create healing space that are designed to create the heart’s energy, and not the intellect’s problem-solving ability.

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