The Pain on Our Skin

I remember when I first experienced a racial attack on a cold winter morning in Germany. We were crossing the road with my son, and two German men came and crossed our path making monkey noises and acting like they are picking up bananas (I think that was the message) from the road. My son looked up at me and asked: “Mum are they not feeling well?” “Why do they behave like that?” and then came his famous sentence from his favorite Kindergarten teacher: “Dorothie hat gesagt….(Dorothie said…). Basically I knew before he finished his sentence exactly what Dorothie told them in Kindergarten…but my question and problem is…How do I answer this question without making my son turn to hate people just because….

How many of you have experienced this? How did you solve it? How would you respond to your children being confronted with anti-social behaviors that aim to emotional hurt people?

At Ubuntu Healing and Talking Stick Circle we open a safe space for people to exchange views, their experiences and most important support each other in the healing journey.

It is not possible to think that you can overcome these pains alone because with time they will take the better of you.

Do you wish to begin your healing journey?

Do you want to meet other people that have gone through the same experience?

Then join us in Neuss on 1st February 2020 from 14:00 – 18:30 hours where we will be talking about the invisible pains and why it is important for us to talk about it with like-minded people and to seek help when needed.

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