My transformational journey begin with me coming up with what I thought was a masterplan. Visiting self-help groups, reading and connecting with other like-minded people. But alas there is somebody I totally forgot to take care of….my soul! The trauma…and as if that was not enough the children too were experiencing pain moments that they could not explain and I could not really relate to. I wanted so much to understand what we were going through. The harder I tried, the worse things got. At the self-help group, I decided to reveal my inner fears.  Do you remember Dora? The quiet fan of the book Value in the Valley?

She came and sat next to me on the empty seat and took my hand gently…Liz, have you and the children considered taking up counseling or therapy? No, I told her. We were doing well, because our biggest problem was living in hell, and we already left that environment.

No she said, it’s only over when you have nurtured your soul, teach it a new how to bond healthy and how to connect with your inner self.  You see from the outside you are all doing well, but you forgot that you all had inner scares some deep, some light, but still you have scares.  You remember last year I was totally withdrawn and quiet? Yes, I responded.  Well, I was going through a trauma that pulled be deep down in the dark.  Although I had overcome the saga of domestic violence I needed to get help on how to overcome trauma.

I did not give it a second thought, instead, I asked her to recommend somebody.  I called immediately and got an appointment for Tuesday next week. A family appointment.

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