Ubuntu means “I am because we are”.  Ubuntu requires that we are there for each other, supporting and celebrating each other.  Ubuntu Healing Circles is a growing learning community of people bound together by a shared purpose, shared values, and an intuitive sense that we belong together. We recognize the healing power of deep community and our intention is to become excellent at providing it.

What is the importance of healing and talking circles?

In many cultures, talking is known to be a form of therapy.  It enables you to remove some oft he burden on your shoulders giving you space to find ways of means of overcoming the emotional invisible pains. 

Healing circles help us step out of ordinary time into a safe and accepting environment in which we can explore our healing.  The healing and talking circles enable you to explore ways of deepening your capacity to heal, alleviating our suffering, and finding meaning in both challenge and joy.

In a group, we are able to access our own inner guidance and to understand where the greatest healing—in body, emotions, and spirit—can occur.

Healing and Talking Circles provide an initial entry point for healing. Participants share their stories and feelings; deepen their understanding of the impact of emotional pains and images on their lives; learn about and practice self-care and community care strategies; and identify local resources.

Grounded in African principles of wellness, I have designed it to address the immediate emotional and psychological stress and negative impact of experiences of rejection, alienation, burnout, depression, and isolation.

Ubuntu Healing and Talking Circles are designed to be safe havens. 

It is only with open minds, are we able to work together to discover the best ways to remove obstacles to healing, alleviate suffering, and deepen our capacity to heal.

What was wrong with me…you keep asking yourself?

You are scared that if this continue you will be forced to see a psychotherapist, and what are you going to tell you friends, family and even your colleagues at work ….You are scared that once they discover they will side-line you. Remember in our community, mental illness is a tabu topic!!!

You try to get round it by speaking to your friends who all have good meant tips, but the more you follow, the more you realise it is getting you nowhere.

No advice worked. No answers were coming. I only felt more isolated.

Soon my great relationship started to slide be it with your partner or children.

Unhappy with yourself, you can no longer connect with your loved ones. Discover Ubuntu Healing & Talking Stick Circle.  Ubuntu means – “I am because you are.” It embraces the idea that humans cannot exist in isolation.”

Ubuntu Healing and Talking Stick Circle are based on the concept that believes in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

Ubuntu Healing and Talking Stick circles offer an opportunity for people who are on the awakening path to get together and have a chance to experience authentic connection and deep individual and group healing using different methods like inner child work, yoga, meditation, self-care sessions all depending on the needs of the group. 

This methodology is largely unknown in Germany, but is huge in Kenya and Africa in general. It is an appropriate and powerful approach for:

✅ Resolving personal issues: self esteem, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, abuse, emotional and sexual

✅ Individual: self control, personal growth

✅ Parents and parenting challenges in the diaspora

✅ Couples

✅ Letting go

✅ Clearing/ removing blocks

✅ Blended families, blending the old with the new and finding your right place

The theory is our emotions, limitations in life and even our financial and relationship successes are inherited from our parents, our relatives, both dead and alive, and closely linked to our partners.

Such links are largely unconscious. If out of harmony or crises are unaddressed, they unconsciously pull us in a way we suffer.

We invite you to bring your authentic self with all your aspects, emotions and an open heart to connect with like-minded people. Together we create an environment of deep interpersonal connection and vulnerability.This is where the true work begins..

The first stage of Ubuntu Healing concept is to bring the unconscious links and unbalanced influences (known as the ‘issue holder’) to the fore front.

This is achieved by arranging other participants in the group (who do not know the client or his/her family) to represent the likely elements influencing the issue – examples include a father, uncle, mother, groups, concepts, patterns the client may be embedded in etc.

Healing circles take a variety of forms but most basically, members sit in a circle to talk about their invisible pains or hurt. The circle starts with a prayer, usually by the person convening the circle, or by an elder, when an elder is involved. A talking stick is held by the person who speaks. When that person is finished speaking, the talking stick is passed to the left (clockwise around the circle). Only the person holding the stick may speak. All others remain quiet.

The circle is complete when the stick passes around the circle one complete time without anyone speaking out of turn. The talking circle prevents reactive communication and directly responsive communication, and it fosters deeper listening and reflection in conversation which helps people with invisible pain to express themselves freely.  Talking is also known to be a form of therapy in our African cultures and listening without interruption is the core of many of our cultures.

Once conscious of it, the client is then able to understand the process of how this is affecting them, how to release its negative effects and how to find a way to move forward.

What to expect from Ubuntu Healing Circle

Healing forcefully re-patterns your body, your awareness, and your life — the external reality of what you are attracting to you. You will, however, need to be willing to remain on the healing path.  You can’t heal what you don’t feel, and immediately after a Circle group, you may experience a heightened sense of what blocks your healing — Once you discover the root cause of my issue, you will be able to release the baggage you are carrying, and move forward.

This is the clarity of intuition at work. You are no longer able to remain comfortably in the old habits of avoidance. The Ubuntu Healing Circle brings the new world you’ve summoned closer to you.

🔆If you’ve decided you want to move forward in life and want to benefit from Ubuntu Healing & Talking Stick Circl workshop then click “Get tickets” (on the event) and select whether you wish to be a ‘representative’ or to be the person seeking healing.

Numbers are limited 15 participants so it is recommended to book early.

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