Vision Board for Couples

Is it possible to create a vision board as a couple you must be asking yourself? The answer is YES DEFINITELY.

Whether you are engaged to be married, a newlywed or celebrating your many years in matrimony one thing is for sure, people change. You find that the partner that you married yesterday is no longer the partner you have today.  Like everything in life, changes will take place and some of these changes can be good or bad, depending on how you both view it.  

In the marriage or relationship, it is important that you are all on the same page so that you are able to pursue your dreams and goals together. The problem is when other factors like financial strain, the in-laws, children, and friends have an impact on the relationship, you will find that things like communication, understanding, tolerance, and space become conflict issues all the time.

My secret of manifesting any relationship is the vision board as a tool. In my workshop, you will create your couple vision board that will bring abundance and growth in your relationship. 

Your couple vision board will help you gain clarity around exactly what you want out of life both as an individual and as a couple. In addition you able to deepen your connection by working on the “Power of Intention” yet another “accessory tool” which I use with the vision board.

Once you create the vision board it will require that each partner is held accountable for taking action or seeing how best to create an ideal solution for the benefit of the relationship.

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