How It Works

A healing circle is a group gathering in a safe space where participants feel free to explore ways of coping with illness, pain, and loss. Healing circles are a special kind of group that involves sharing, listening and silence, and allows each person the time and space he or she needs to help them on their healing journey.  

Who is it for?

Ubuntu Healing Circles are for African people living in Germany who are suffering from emotional pains as a result of experiencing trauma, isolation, depression, feeling unwanted, effects of toxic relationships

Ubuntu Healing Circles

Mixed Group

Men and Women Together

The Mixed Group will be for people who wish to share their emotional journies together with other members in the group.

Women Group

Ladies Together

In this group, women will be sharing women specific issues that relate and affect them.  Sometimes its easier to open up with the help of others.

Men's Cave

Men Only

Even men have emotional pains and hurts and suffering in silence because it is not expected of them to shore their emotions.

How To Join Ubuntu Healing Circles

Ubuntu Healing Circles lays high emphasis on confidentiality for both their online and offline group healing circle meetings.  Registrations via e-Mail will be necessary and meetings will only be opened to invited members only

How Much Does It Cost?

Ubuntu Healing Circles are self-financed meetings where members will be required to pay a minimum amount of charges that will go to cover the cost of room rental and meals.  At times we will be inviting guest speakers who specialize in different areas, and here again, their travelling, services and sometimes accommodation costs need to be catered for from contributions for participants

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Ubuntu Healing Circle Events travel across Germany, each time at a different location

An Eulen 7, 47906 Kempen

Call us

You can reach me from Mon - Friday from 09:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs Berlin Time

+49 (0) 176 2456 4972

Contact us

Send me an email and let me know if you are interested in joining the Ubuntu Healing Circles