Why is creativity important in molding our destiny?

To me creativity is not just a choice, it is our nature and living expression.

For me, creativity is a process of getting in touch with our innermost core…our inner self.  It encompasses every single aspect of our lives and especially when we are rooted in the present moment.

It is more than just music, dancing, singing, or painting.  It’s a way of expression, the very breath that we take, especially when we take full awareness of the present moment.

Creativity can be extended to every single action of ours. We can talk creativity, we can read creativity, we can walk creativity, we can even sleep creativity the only criteria for creativity is being aware of the present moment.

On 1st November 2019, we will be exploring all our hidden creative aspects of our lives that we have kept dormant simply because we were not feeling confident enough to put them into action, or we listened to the noise in the market that discouraged us or our upbringing did not just value creativity as a way of becoming successful in life.

TOME SUMMIT 2019 is exactly what you have been waiting for and if not looking for. At this event, you will listen to panelist guest speakers who will share their journey of success. There will be interactive workshops where you will have the opportunity to experience, design and define yourself.

The Summit will be hosted in Düsseldorf on

Grafenberger Allee 51- 53

40237 Düsseldorf

Registration Tickets:

Normal Ticket                                                            €35

Students and disabled                                               €25

Payments made to:

Name:             Millicent Amoafo

IBAN:             17100100121079138

BLZ:               10010010 


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